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About Me


Some people like to pigeon hole and be one thing a photographer, an artist or writer. I enjoy any form of creative outlet, anyway to express yourself. I have been taking photographs since 2003 and have always written stories and drawn pictures in form or another.  In 2008 I had my own photography studio but the pressure to make money and to photograph things that didn't challenge me in the way I need to be challenged I was forced to give it up. I concentrated on Martial Arts photography Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts which I enjoyed the most. 


It wasn't until I began attending Falkirk's Mental Health Association and joined the media that I began fully exploring how creative I could be. I took part in events performing comedy sketches before taking a part in a 45 minute play "Being Frank" all about dealing with mental health and recovery.  I began painting and exploring mixed media techniques. A project that has been on the back burners for many many years was revisited and continues to be in full flow. It both works through writing short stories and finished novel to mixed media art work and photography. 

I have been involved in Martial Arts since age of 10 and gained 2nd dan black belt in Kempo Ju-Jitsu as well as training in Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts for several years. I have been both student and teacher in my time and enjoyed every minute.