Low self esteem and loneliness had seen my withdrawal
From much social or emotional engagement at all
On a clear day my vision was far and wide
Then in an instant the fog descended
Paralysing me from thinking rationally
Paralysing me from speaking of my doubts
My fears
Paralysing me from going to work
There was no way of knowing when this would happen or for how long
Even in my persistence the doctors couldn't seem to find anything wrong

Back then depression wasn't known as an illness
And I was worried that the darkness would eclipse my life
My edges were rough like a dangerous coastline
And shipwrecks of past relationships plagued my mind
Yet I was lucky to find a beacon of light
To guide me to the shore
Your mother understood the importance of meeting with triumph and disaster
And treating those two impostors just the same

They say no man is an island
And you should always remember that
At this time in your life I know you feel desperately alone
Even with lots of family and friends around you
And it will seem like the tide will never change in your favour
Let us be your lighthouse as you navigate the ocean of life
Your voyage will be treacherous and fraught with danger
Though ultimately you are the captain of your ship
With the destiny of your vessel lying in your hands
Your mother and I can provide that anchor
To support you when you don't know which way the wind blows

Depression is nothing new
It just gets more press attention
Parents want better lives for their children
And I hope you can see that upon reflection