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About us.

Falkirk Writers’ Circle was founded in 1982 and is still going strong.  If you enjoy writing, this is an opportunity to meet with other writers to discuss and share your interest.  The Circle’s aim is to promote and encourage all aspects of creative writing.  Priority is not given to experienced and successful writers.  Beginners in the adventure of putting words together are given equal importance.

            Circle members participate in Club and national competitions throughout the session and enjoy visits from guest speakers on different aspects of writing.  The syllabus also contains workshops, reading and constructive criticism nights, and links with other writers’ groups.

As part of the Falkirk Tryst Festival the Circle hosts a Words and Music Evening, where Circle members perform their own work interspersed with live music.  This has proved a very popular event.  Also during the Festival the Writers’ Circle holds a one day seminar which is attended by professional and amateur writers from all over Scotland.

Talking Pictures is a collaboration between the Writers’ Circle and Falkirk Camera Club.  Camera club members provide the pictures and Circle members use these images to create poetry and prose.  This culminates in a performance evening when the photographs are screened and Circle members read their words alongside the relevant image.   

The Circle has produced several anthologies showcasing members work, the latest “Silver Linings”, in 2007 celebrates our 25th Anniversary year.   Members have also published novels and non-fiction books and featured in magazines, newspapers and anthologies, and have been successful in national writing competition. At present members work can be read on a weekly basis in our local paper “The Falkirk Herald” 


Iain Todd Isobel Quinn
Gordon Brown Morven Mack
Allan Brownlie Catherine McCardle
Christina MacKay Diane Smith
Gordon Pearson James McDonald
Jean Currie John Freebairn
Karen Soutar Kath Hardie
Lindsay Scott Lorna Coulter
Lynn Stanford Margaret Smith
Marjory Halton Mark Pierzchalo
Martin Cowie Patrick Kane
Peter Craig Val Pohler
Suzy O'Donnell Rona McSporran
Alec Chalmers  Julie Levitt