The Bus-Stop at the Shard Bridge

Between the sheets prepared by Autumn

You can hear the winter snoring

At the Shard Bridge Bus-Stop

How clever this is done the marvel

When the earth’s soils’ slumber

With the bus-stop blessed by cold

All years themselves aged and old

And you slowly gain acceptance into things

This is something one must earn

At the Shard Bridge bus-stop

To hear winter snoring

When a robin comes up close inferring

“I know you”


Whilst everywhere the earth is fastened

The limbed characters’ of trees performing plays

Depending on the wind , “the week’s rehearsals”

At certain times my mood will follow hollowed hedges

Over there, I know the River Wyre murmurs’ conversation

Beneath a sky of rivets so wonderfully alarming

The sun a damn fire spirit on a cloudless day

At the shard bridge bus-stop

With the winter snoring loudly

Icicles forming which know me

As well as I know them

Then God ruffling my hair

As if I were an accomplished musician.