A Hallowe'en Wedding

It was a dark frosty night and a big bright moon glowed high in the sky.  The big bonny white owl had decided upon his bride, a douce brown owl from further up the wood.  Sadie the brown owl was kept closely by her father old Tam the Tawny Owl.  She flew around the wood to gather in small animals to feed her father who enjoyed mote that three protein meals a day.  Snowball her suitor had to wait a long time before Tam granted his permission for his daughter’s hand in marriage.  Snowball had a notion that Sadie enjoyed being part of this difficult bargain but she would never admit to it.  Sadie could catch a mouse before even the mouse knew it was caught.  She was a skilful operator and Snowball had imagined married life with Sadie for many a changing season.

Snowball’s successful proposition came about because of Hallowe’en.  Snowball caught a big juicy rabbit and visited old Tam’s treetop.  He made out his case for Hallowe’en nuptials with the lovely Sadie.  He said how the farmers planted out turnips and pumpkins in many a field to reap the Hallowe’en demand for these vegetables.  In the meantime every rabbit, hare mouse and shrew had been tucking in to this provision.  Come Hallowe’en itself Snowball could guarantee a big spread of fattened animals and a selection of best roots for the wedding party.  Sammy Squirrel would play the jigs for the celebration and Snowball had even brewed up the tastiest root beet and stored it in a very secure location in the wood.  That was what settled it, old Tam fancied a good bevy of the root beer and Hallowe’en night with a moon to match the excitement of Snowball and Sadie.  However many owlets they went on to have he was happy Snowball and Sadie could provide for them – and old faither Owl as well.