Ode to the Old Lightbulb

Lead, kindly tungsten filament light,

Amid the encircling gloom.

And shine a good few kilowatt hours

To brighten up my morning room


Iíve tried these new low energy bulbs,

Their light as cold as death.

Will I take them to my heart,

A plague on them: donít hold your breath.


The L.E.D.s are somewhat better,

Fine where fittings overheat.

And showers the floor with broken glass,

A bloody curse for shoeless feet.


I have a store of tungsten bulbs,

Enough to last a lifetime.

Iíll end my days with warmer lights

Despite the global warmistsí whine


And when Iím dead and in my grave,

Bathed in celestial light

I hope it comes from tungsten bulbs,

And not the new low energy light.