The Masterpiece

First it was Mrs Beaton,

then Delia and Mary.

All ladies who inspired me

 to take up baking.


Iíve sugar and butter, eggs and flour.

When mixed together theyíll make a grand sponge.

With jam in the middle and icing all over,

and a cherry on top to set it off nice.


Away to the bake-off with my masterpiece.

But next to the others it looks a bit odd.

Sloping to one side, icing all cracked,

and the cherryís jumped off.

Itís under the table covered in stour.


The judges are here.

What will they say?

Theyíve eaten a piece

and not dropped dead.


The winnerís announced.

It wasnít me.

I retrieve my dear sponge

And look at the comments.


Not up to standard

Better luck next year.

I think Iíll try poetry

                                                baking clearly isnít my forte.