Hebridean Memories

Shimmering sands smooth and silky

Foaming waves embrace the shore

Periwinkles flourish in the valley

A million charms still lure me there

Thoughts of yesterday keep returning

Time has no meaning, hours meander

Tomorrow beckons, today stands still

Childhood's enchantment enfolds again


The sun's rays glint upon the ocean

Dazzle and sparkle, reflect and gleam

Shades of turquoise, sapphire and emerald

Merge like diamonds hard and clear

Purple clad mountains in the distance

Glowing red from the setting sun

A lonely fisherman hauls his nets

His labours over, his day is done


Slow lilting voices warm and friendly

The Gaelic language still prevails

Like music captivating, calm and soothing

Stirs the memories of bygone times

To me Tiree has no equal

Where peewits call and eagles soar

Tingling winds drift through the pastures

Here my refuge - my island home.