A TRIP TO THE SHOP By Isobel Quinn

A wee space man named Joe

was asked by his wife Moe

to go to the shop and get her some bread.

For toast and cheese she had a notion.


Joe jumped into his space ship

and set his new satnav to go to the shop.

He followed route guidance until he was told,

“You have reached your destination.”


Joe jumped from his space ship,

but no shop did he see,

only a path surrounded by trees,

and a man being taken for a walk by a dog.


“Excuse me”, said Joe,” where is this place?”

“It’s Callander Park”, said the man rushing by.

Joe ran after him and asked,” What planet is this?”

“Are you taking the mick,” said the man. “It’s earth of    course.”


Scratching his head Joe jumped back into his ship

 and prayed the satnav would take him home.

After a while it said. “You’ve reached your destination.”

Joe let out a sigh when saw he was home.




Moe wasn’t best pleased when Joe came inside.

“Just where have you been, and where is my bread?”

“You’ll never believe it. I’ve been to earth

and saw a dog walking a man.”


“You’re right I don’t believe it.

You’ve been to the pub and forgotten my bread.

Do you think I’m daft?  A dog walking a man.

That’s the worst excuse you’ve come up with yet.”


Joe tried to protest.

But Moe would have none of it.

She stormed off to bed

                                                Leaving poor Joe scratching his head.