The Trinity of Fate

The Trinity of fate lay beyond the gate in the cave so deep; their eyes removed no need to see no need to sleep. Hopes voice so soft and so sweet, but it was Destiny I wanted to greet. “Please come in take a seat” I speak to destiny loud and clear she turns slowly so she can hear. “Why have you chosen to give me so much heartache everyone I try to love you take, you send me on journeys far and wide?”

Destiny looked then spoke straight and clear “It was your choice to come here it was your choice to open the box, it was your choice to wear the mask, and the journeys were up to you to decide. I give you destiny but it’s your choices that make your life your choices cause your trouble and your strife”

She was right the fates have no eyes but it was me you lost sight.

Death voice was cold without moving her lips she said “I took the people from you they made the wrong choices you chose to tell Myka to not do the spell she chose to do it so I took her to hell, Sir Young chose to save the people in the fire so I took his soul and put it higher. You have a destiny to fur fill you must make choices everyday until the last of your fate shows up and you cannot escape”

The fates play dangerous games; you never know what destiny has planed for you or when death will come for you. All you know is hope brought you in to this world and the choices in life are up to you