My New Toy

The TV was what I wanted to watch so I had a plan. I turned the channel over to cartoons then over to star trek, this was the one time I got control for the whole night and nobody was going to argue. Come eight it was time for me turn in as normal, I liked an early bed. Next morning I got up and sat enjoying my breakfast, toast made in the coal fire with peanut butter. “Right you where did you hide the remote control” My dad was a little upset this day he spent the whole night changing channels using the buttons on the front of TV, “Whole point of a remote is we don’t get up to change channels” he growled at me.

“I don’t have the….” I stuck my hand in my housecoat pocket “Oh look I have the remote” the Benny hill music played as I scattered round the living room trying to keep my new favourite toy. We all found it funny… Dad didn’t.