She Smells of Polka Dots

Oh ya belter windows open, bird, bird, fly. Ach can’t sit on the window sill all day. Aw whit grass is wet need to keep moving. Bird on the grass next door am going to get it. Am a lion, crawling through the jungle, ready to pounce. Wait, wait now…. Nuts missed the wee bugger got away.

“Here kitty, kitty” Who’s that? Where’s that voice “Here Kitty, Kitty” aw it’s the wee lassie from up the street, am going for a pet. Aw that’s braw she’s so soft “WOOF! WOOF!” oh crap dog am off “come back kitty don’t be scared” windows still open time for food, oh he’s eating wonder what it is “Get yer nose out” oh that smelt gid one more second and I was nibbling, my foods in the kitchen better be in bowl, belter it is. Time for a nap.

“KNOCK! KNOCK!” Door wonder who it is. Hooo you! Put me down, who’s she, don’t want to go out, she could be my new friend “BANG!” aw what you shut the door. There’s that wee lassie again. Aw she’s hitting the spot every time. Oh wait don’t pick me up. She’s comfy, oh aye rub ma belly. “WOOF! WOOF!” right if that dog comes near her I will claw its eyes out. It’s that polka dot thing I hate that big beast. Am off it’s been shouted on, ha-ha back in the window. Oh she looks nice am going in. “GET OUT!” no am staying ram it. She likes me, what’s that smell, she has a strong sent. No no she smells of polka dots that bloody dog that chases me every day am going to claw her ugly face, she’s no my friend.