Taken into Slavery

The trek over the mountains had taken its toll on Mab and Tetra. Both tired, dehydrated and hungry. After weeks of climbing, avoiding the main paths in order to stay hidden from their past. They reached the town of Arimel. They stumbled through the market place knocking over food stalls, stealing what they could to survive.

Market security ran towards them, just as they get close enough to capture the girls, a short fat man step between the security and the girls. “I am sorry, I will keep my girls closer in future” the security steps away leaving Mab and Tetra to be pulled away. The man was Scumbarto, a slave trader. Throwing the girls in front of his first in command “Tie these up with the rest, and take that sickle off her I like that”

The henchman does as he is told, all the woman are tied in the back of a carriage. The carriage has bars as if the woman were animals.

The woman are given little food and water before they are taken to the sale. As the suns went down the traders went to sleep. Tetra cuddled into Mab for comfort, and went to sleep.

“I know you,” a voice from across the cage spoke softly so there captures would not awaken and punish them. “You are Mab!”

“And whom may you be?”

“My brother was Owin, he was going to be a guardian of river port, and we were taken by slavers after what you did.” The angry woman rose from the opposite side and walked towards Mab. She continued to speak, she got louder the closer she got. The woman either side tried to hold her back, but did not succeeded. Leaning over and pointing into Mabs face, the rage in her eyes burned like straw. Mab Calmly raised her hand pushed her fingers into the mouth of the aggressor and gripped the lower jaw, she placed her other hand on the forehead she ripped her jaw downward. Then snapped her neck.

Tetra stirred “Mab?”

“Back to sleep gentle Tetra” Mab stroked her hair till she fell back to sleep