Torin in Torture

The cell was dark, it had the damp stale smell of rotten corpses. In the corner curled up in a ball pulling what was left of a cloak over his head was the man formerly known as the wizard Torin the drunk. He lay shaking and afraid. On the first day he was full of jokes and banter, now on the fourteenth day he was barley able to speak and unable to stand. The sound he could hear was the dripping from the drain above him high on the ceiling. It tapped, tapped, tapped. His sight in his right eye blurring, the sight in his right eye removed. One side of his body paralysed from the daily beating he had taken everyday since he arrived in Palanadoria. He starved of food and water for fourteen days. They had cut him and stabbed him over and over but never to the point that his life would end, the goal was not kill the wizard but to have him tell them information they needed. Dead men cant speak.

Footsteps echoed like thunder in an empty cave. He began his daily ritual, first he is brave and lifts his head thinking of the next line to wind up the gaurds, next he is scared stiff and can not move a much as a finger his head lowered back to the ball the shape. Lastly he is falls in acceptance he knows this going to happen and there is nothing he can do about it.

“How do we reinstate the gift?” The door is locked and he heard the key turn. The enormous guard steps into the cell “Tell us how to return the gift to the queen!”

“NO!” battered and broken the secret remind unspoken. The guard wrapped his large hand round the back of Torins neck and forced his head to the ground. He pushed his foot hard on the side of his head crunching it like an apple. Twisting his foot slowly as if he was killing a small spider on the floor.

“Tell us what we wish to know”

“No” Torin struggled the word out. Angry the guard picked him up and dragged his lifeless body out of the cell. It was only a matter of time before he gave up and told them where the unwritten krodex was hidden.